There is a dangerous misconception that merely having a Cloud service means your data you don’t have to back it up. This is simply not true.
Cloud Services are great for guaranteeing the uptime of the data that you put there but if you delete or change that data there may be no backup.

• Ransomware

This is probably the most important reason to have an Online Backup Service. Opening an infected email can encrypt all your files. If the Online File share is synced to the local computer, Ransomware when initiated,  can infect the entire file share that the user has access to. As ransomware tends to encrypt the files and rename them, versioning is completely useless. As far as the online share is concerned this is a new file. The seriousness of Ransomware cannot be overstated. Ransomware cost businesses $75 billion last year.

• Files deleted more than X number of days ago.

Email and files deleted from the Office 365 and G-Suite services can be restored from the trash up to a *number of days after deleted. After that they are permanently gone. If you accidentally deleted a file or folder without realising it you may not even notice it gone until it is too late.
In Email, Microsoft Office 365 now allows configuring what happens to deleted items and you can extend it to many years, BUT it requires configuration and know how. The default is 15 days. Google is 30 days and can’t be configured.

*In Sharepoint this is 93 days. Google Drive is just 25 days.

• Archiving for Compliance

For companies who need a more robust Archiving system, a point in time backup is essential. As pointed out above both services have archiving systems. These require configuration and are limited compared to online backups.

• If you delete your Account.

Pretty unlikely, but if you accidentally delete your user account or worse your whole service account, you are going to be in a world of pain

For more information or help with setting up inbuilt Office 365 and G-Suite retention, auditing and security policies and the best Office 365 / G-Suite backup software, get in touch.

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